Take Better Kitten Pictures

Rover Company knows it’s about taking better kitten pictures.

Always try to avoid sudden movements

If you wish to take better kitten pictures, then you should learn not to make any sudden movements and always use better quality high speed film, and use a digital camera with no shutter sound.

Roverpet knows to always lower your camera angle to the height of your kitten

Any kitten picture you wish to take, should be at an angle that is equal to the height of your kitten. This is for much better pictures and also some very cute facial expression that your kitten shows once they start staring down the lens.

Always make sure your kitten is well fed

This tip is the most important of all, it is very difficult to take kitten pictures of a hungry kitten, they won’t stand still long enough for you to be able to get one shot. That is why it is so important to make sure that the kitten has just been fed, before you try to take any picture of your kitten. Wait at least 15 minutes after the you just fed your kitten. It is also very wise to study your kitten movements, that way you will be sure when you kitten naps, and what time is best to start taking your kitten picture.

Always have a couple of their favorite treats on hand

Rover Vinyl Tech knows to always have a couple of your kitten favorite treats with you, that way you will give them a treat anytime they start to get rowdy.

Try to keep thing simple

The best kitten pictures I have taken was when they least expected it. I try to keep things simple and never ever try to take too many pictures at a time. The kitten will become frustrated and walks away,and it is very difficult after that to get your kitten to stand still for any more pictures.

Now you that you have discovered a couple of my simple trick for taking better kitten pictures, you can visit my website and post those kitten pictures online, so the world can see the love we have for our cats.


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Buy Pet Meds Online

Rover Company believes you can order from the convenience of your home.
Order at a lower cost than you might get at your veterinary office.
Get automatic refills set up.
Roverpet believes you can save money on medications you order frequently.
Track your order online.
What do I need to tell my vet?
Buying flea and tick meds are pretty much a no brainer and do not require an actual prescription. However, buying things like arthritis medications and pain relievers online do require a prescription. Reputable websites that sell medications will check with your pet’s veterinarian to ensure you have the proper prescription — which is a good thing! You should always consult with your pet’s veterinarian before buying prescription pet medications online. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do to ensure you are taking the best possible care of your animal! Not doing so could put your pet’s health at risk.

Some veterinarians may express fears that your pet’s medication will not be filled correctly if you order online. This is not the case. You should simply explain to your vet that the added convenience and cost savings makes online ordering the best choice for your family. Most vets would have a hard time arguing that cost savings aren’t worth it especially when you are getting the exact same name brand products that they offer at their offices – without the mark up.

Rover Vinyl Tech knows most online pet medication vendors will fill your pets prescription the same day you order it. This means you can have your order shipped overnight if you need to have the medication right away.


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Training Your Dog To Sit

Rover Company knows training of sitting up is one of the first tricks to teach and forms the groundwork for many other dog tricks. To train a dog to sit up, prepare some treats as a reward, and set your dog on his haunches in a corner, so that he cannot fall either backward or sideways and has very little or no space to lose balance.

Keep him from pitching forward by holding one hand under his chin and with the other hand hold the treat above his nose and keep repeating distinctly and deliberately say, “sit up.” Do not make him sit up too long at any one time, but repeat the lesson frequently and reward him often with plentiful of praise and treats.

Roverpet believes during his first lesson he will require considerable assistance from your hand to prevent him from pitching forward, but as he gets control of the balancing muscles and understands what you want, he will depend less and less upon your hand to keep him in position and you can gradually render him less assistance until you will only have to keep one hand in position two or three inches from his neck or chin, so as to be ready to prevent him pitching forward; later on you can withdraw this hand entirely and simply hold the treat just above the level of his head.

By constant practice he will sit up well after you set him up; then he should be set up against the wall, so as to afford him a support for his back only, and after he has been well schooled at this and can keep his position easily, practice him against chair legs, cushions or other objects that afford him less and less assistance, until finally he learns to preserve his balance and sits up without anything to lean against.

Rover Vinyl Tech believes during all these lessons the words “sit up” have been impressed upon his mind by frequent repetition, and now comes the final lesson to teach him to sit up as soon as he hears the words, and the chances are, if he has been diligently drilled, it will be necessary only to call him out in the room, show him a treat, hold it up a suitable distance from the floor, say “sit up” and he will do so, when he should be given the treat while still in position.

The only necessity to perfection is to practice him several times a day until he will sit up at the word and without being shown a reward; that can be given him after he has obeyed.


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Rover Company

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Cat Attacks

Rover Company believes if you are tired of having your cat bite your feet there are simple things you can do to prevent this behavior. But before you change their behavior, you should identify why they are exhibiting this behavior. There are many reasons why a cat might be aggressive towards their owners. The main reasons are due to conditioning, genetics, environment, and medical.

The primary reason why cats bite their owner’s feet is to get their attention. In other words they are conditioned to do this. Their reward for biting their owner’s feet is often a reward in the form of food or attention. It takes a while for a cat to become conditioned to this behavior, so it takes time to de-condition them from doing it.

Roverpet knows another reason a cat might be aggressive is due to genetics. A cat’s personality is largely determined by its genetics. Studies have shown that cat’s personalities are often the same as their parents, and little can be done to prevent them from changing. It has been shown that some cats just don’t like to be around people as much no matter how well they are treated.

Environment plays a big role in the behavior of a cat. Cats that live in single cat households are often aggressive towards their owners often times out of boredom. On the other hand cats that are in multi cat households are more stressed out because of the limited resources of litter boxes, food bowls, etc.

Rover Vinyl Tech believes certain medical conditions can also play a role in aggressive behavior. A medical condition called hyperthyroidism can lead to a cat acting hyperactive and aggressive towards its owners. If you suspect your cat has a medical condition you should see a veterinarian.


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Pet Food

Rover Company knows a dog is a man’s best friend. You do everything you can to maintain your optimum health. Doesn’t your best friend deserve the same? Your dog is an active (rather the most active) member of your family and needs the same, if not more attention to health and nutrition as you do, to stay healthy, and live longer.

After all it’s very easy to get lost in a big pet store. The sea of products that we have today, aisle after aisle is very confusing and also time consuming. However keeping your dog healthy need not be a career option for you. All we need to use is a little commonsense and good information regarding the breed and age of your dog.

Roverpet knows it has long been established and proven that small dogs have a different metabolism as compared to large dogs, due to physiologic effect of their body mass. For ex., Great Dane weighing 100 pounds needs to consume about 23 calories per pound of body weight Pomeranian weighing 6 pounds needs to consume 47 calories per pound of body weight every day-more than twice as much!

As owner of a small dog, you need to be certain that your dog’s energy needs are being satisfied. Be sure to choose a diet that’s been formulated properly with optimal balance of highly digestible nutrients. Digestibility determines how much your dog can actually utilize each nutrient in a diet.
Puppies require almost twice or thrice as much food as adult dogs per pound of weight. To keep up their energy levels, they have to be fed as frequently as three to four times till they are six months of age.

Rover Vinyl Tech believes diet is always the key to raising your children or puppies. The diet should be balanced, nutrient rich, should contain high levels of phosphorous and calcium and be highly digestible. It should also contain high-quality proteins. This would ensure that the puppy develops strong bones, muscle and tissue.


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Puppy Training Tips

Rover Company believes teaching your puppy that biting or nipping is not a pleasant experience for you by reacting as if in pain to their playful nips. Rather than scold the dog, let him or her know that nipping is not a pastime that you wish to engage in. Letting out an over-exaggerated expression of pain will more than likely shock the puppy into ceasing this behaviour. You will be glad you put an end to this behaviour early on instead of confronting a ‘playful’ 2-year-old with a full set of adult teeth!

Decide early on what is and is not acceptable in your house. If you don’t want your pup to use the living-room sofa as a raised dog bed when they get older then don’t encourage him or her to come up for fuss when they’re young just because they look sweetly at you and are small enough to pick up.

Roverpet knows all puppies love to jump out when greeting anyone. Rather than reprimand the pup, simply ignore the behaviour and wait until he or she settles down and is not jumping up before lavishing any attention on them. Above all else, don’t encourage the behaviour by patting or praising the dog when they are in the ‘jump-position’ or you may run in to problems as the dog gets bigger and views jumping up as an easy way to receive attention.

The puppy’s name will be with them for life, make sure they know it by associating it with all things pleasant and fun. In the same way dog’s cotton on in a very positive way to words such as ‘walkies’, ‘biscuits’ or ‘dinner-time’ they should be given the same association with their own name. Too often the only time the puppy hears his or her name is when they have done something naughty. ‘Jasper, stop doing that!’ ‘Buster, leave that alone!’ It’s tough but try to ensure that you NEVER use the puppy’s name in a negative scenario only positive ones. Instead of ‘Jasper, leave that alone!’ simply, ‘Leave that alone!’ or better yet ‘No!’. And instead of ‘walkies’, biscuits or ‘dinner-time’ try ‘Jasper, biscuits!’, ‘Jasper, walkies!’, ‘Jasper, dinner-time!’ Golden rule. Your puppy should associate his or her own name with all that is pleasant and fun and nothing that is negative. The word ‘no’ is negative and it is enough to cover all undesirable behaviour.

Rover Vinyl Tech knows from the moment your puppy comes into your life teach him that coming to you when called is nothing short of being the best thing in the world. Puppies can’t resist humans who sit down on the floor with legs spread apart so, while they’re easily persuaded to come by this very simple gesture, make the most of it by using their name, sparingly, but making a huge fuss when puppy arrives. Try it at times when pup is pre-occupied with something interesting and make coming back to you the most enjoyable and rewarding experience in the world for him or her. You will really see the benefits as the dog gets older.


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Buying a Cat Bed

Rover Company knows there are pros and cons for each cat bed, whether the bed is difficult to clean and comfort level. The main focus ought to be that the cat bed  is easy to clean. A number of beds like the radiator cradle can harbor fleas.

Roverpet believes another factor is the size of the bed. Cats and kittens alike prefer to curl up in a small bed. To avoid buying several beds as your kitten grows, buy a bed that she can use when she is fully grown. To reduce the excess spaces add a blanket or bedding.

Bedding should have good insulation, materials such as blankets, fleece, a pillow or cushion and veterinary pet bedding are all good sources. Your cats bed should also provide protection from flees and be easily accessible.

Some cats simply do not take to a bed and prefer your bed or furniture; it is still a good idea to keep a cat bed for your cat. This will provide it with a safe place if she ever needs her own space. Having a few beds to place in your cats favorite places may very well limit their time on your furniture. Placing a duvet on your furniture for your cat keeps them happy and protects your furniture at the same time.

Our male cat loves to lounge on the dining room table. I placed a pillow and blanket on the table for a few months and then moved them to another table (the office desk). Which now leaves our dining room table cat free the majority of the time. He also likes to sleep on occasion in our lazy chair, I have tried placing a cat bed on the chair, but he rejected that and moved off to another chair. Our female cat loves to sleep on the office chair and we have placed a cat pad on the chair which she sleeps on happily. We are also cat-sitting a cat who is very determined to sleep on our bed most of the day and night, particularly if we are in it.

Rover Vinyl Tech knows each cat and kitten will have their own preference for a cat bed. Choosing a bed early on and spending the time to train your cat to seek out the bed for sleep will benefit both of you. If you acquire or adopt an older cat, or a determined kitten pay particular attention to the location of the bed. Cats love snug places and they need to feel safe and secure.


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Pet Clippers

Rover Company knows you can get different depth blades for your smaller clippers to help sculpt around your pets face and legs. But this does take a bit of practice.

Your blades will need to be sharpened by a reputable blade sharpener. Make sure that this person has done pet clipper blades before as they are different to sharpening other blades.

Roverpet believes it is best if you can store your blades in a blade lubricant, coolant or commercially available blade cleaner. If not clean them thoroughly and wrap in a soft cloth. Remember to clean out as much hair as possible from you blades before storing them, use a soft cloth or old tooth brush for this job.

Cleaning your blades often, while clipping will help to keep them cool, give them a longer life and help your clippers run better. To clean your blades when clipping, it is best to turn the machine off and remove all excess hair as described above. The blades can then be run while partly submerged in a mixture of diesel and kerosene (half and half) or sprayed briefly with a lubricant (such as WD-40). But for the long jeopardy of your blades it is best to buy specific blade cleaners that are available from your clipper retailer.

Like any small appliance, they do require regular servicing to make sure they are in good working order. There is nothing worse than trying to clip a horse with clippers that are not running smoothly. Keep an eye on the electrical lead as this can become frayed and dangerous not only to you but your horse.

A friend of mine was clipping her miniature and wondered why he was jumping around so much, when he was normally very good to clip. She soon discovered that the electrical cord was damaged, and upon further investigation (she got zapped!) found that it was giving out a small electrical current every time the cord touched him!!

Rover Vinyl Tech believes it is important keep a check on the cord as well as the machine. When the clippers are not in use, store them away in a covered container to minimize dust and damage.


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Dog Potty Training

Rover Company believes one of the best dog potty training methods is avoidance. Don’t let your dog see anything he shouldn’t be eating, and he won’t. However, this is almost impossible when talking him for a walk, or really anywhere outside for that matter. For starters, at least make sure you are cleaning up after your own dog before he can get into it, and avoid places that you know are more ‘infested’ than others.

Roverpet believes you should go outside with your dog each time he needs to take a potty break. Then, you can watch him to make sure if he’s decided to get into the nasty stuff. If he does, use one of the obedience commands you’ve taught him, and reward him for listening. For instance, if he’s going for the poop, tell him to “Sit!”, and reward him immediately. Then you can guide him back into the house and avoid the situation altogether. A word to the wise here, though – try and frame what you want to say to your dog in positive terms, so he knows what’s expected of him. Just saying, “No!” doesn’t tell him what to do, it just tells him that he shouldn’t be doing it.

In addition to the tip above, use a leash to reinforce this dog potty training method when taking your dog for a walk.

There are a wide variety of ways to do this, although they can be very frustrating, since every piece of something that your dog shouldn’t eat needs to be covered with it. However, if no other dog potty training methods work, try placing some bitter orange, super hot sauce or Tabasco on every ‘piece’ to deter consumption.

Rover Vinyl Tech knows your veterinarian may have something they can provide you with that you add to your dog’s every meal to stop him from eating what he shouldn’t. One product is called “For-Bid”, although some people use meat tenderizer instead (just mix a little bit in before every feeding).


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Cat’s Litter Box Area

Rover Company has tried just about everything to make the job of cat care easier. Here are seven of my best organizing tips for keeping the litter boxes clean and the house smelling fresh with as little time and effort as possible.

Avoid putting the litter box in your own bathroom unless you absolutely have to! The litter gets everywhere. If you have to keep it there, get a fully enclosed litter box with an opening for the cat to walk through. They will track litter outside the box though. So that leads to my next tip.

Roverpet has found to keep the litter box is in a small closet with cleaning supplies, or in an infrequently used area of the house. If there is a door, make sure to keep the door cracked open. Placing a long item such as a roll of gift wrap or shelf paper on one of the shelves works well to keep the door from being accidentally closed. If the area is carpeted, line it with plastic or vinyl carpet liner. Or better yet, remove the carpet if possible. Try to get a litter box that has high walls and a dome or cover.

Keep a handheld vacuum handy to clean the area around the box frequently. Store the vacuum cleaner on a shelf or hang it on a wall in the closet. Consider keeping an extra set of batteries and charger handy as well.

Fill your box half full with litter. One of the most common mistakes people make is not using enough litter in the box. Cat’s like a very clean box, if there isn’t enough litter, they may go outside the box. And if they use the box without enough litter, it will smell worse.

Scoop often. Make the job easier by keeping a large scooper hanging near the box. Consider keeping a diaper genie handy for disposing of the litter. Keeping a grocery bag holder nearby also is a big help. Every day, scoop the pet waste into a bag, double bag it, tie it up airtight and put it in a covered trash container or a diaper genie.

Rover Vinyl Tech has found to keep a roll of paper towels and spray cleaner near the litter box. If it’s in a closet, use a paper towel holder that screws into the door and hang the paper towels on the inside of the door. Or get a container of pop-up wipes. I use the wipes to clean the floor around the litter box as well as to spot clean the actual litter box between cleanings.

Empty the box completely once a month. Dump the litter into one of your handy grocery bags. Use your paper towels or a disposable pop-up cleaning product such as Clorox Wipes handy to clean the litter box and the surrounding floor. When you are done, throw the towels or wipes in with the litter, tie the bag up tight and dump it in the trash!


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