Cat Chat

Rover Company knows It is a funny sight to see a cat

flying through the air, claws gripping the blanket.

Mocha boasted of being half Siamese. She was on the small side and

would stay in my lap forever, keeping me company all evening. She

was not too smart, but clean to fault. except for a case of bad

breath. I was often teased that she picked me to like.

Gypsy, a tricolor ‘lucky’ cat was the good-matured slob. She ate too

much, liked to spend her days in the street, never cleaned herself,

and purred so loudly we had to throw her out of our bedroom so we

could sleep. One day Gypsy was eating (she always had to be first),

when Mocha sauntered by, suddenly veering toward Gypsy’s rear end. A

good sniff with opened mouth and a facial sneer confirmed what we

already knew, that Gypsy didn’t smell too good. Before Mocha left in

disgust, she gave Gypsy a healthy swat on the behind, getting an

angry hiss in return. Our efforts a giving Gypsy a bath had to be

done quickly without giving her a clue as to what would happen. Even

so, many a hall wallpaper was sprayed in the race to the bathtub.

One year, a four foot snowstorm covered the house and patio from

roof to ground with fifteen foot drifts. We were extremely worried

when after three days, none of our beloved cats came home. The food

we set out was untouched and not a meow answered our calls. On the

fifth day, while gazing at the unbroken expanse of white, a black

paw emerged from a drift near the house. All three cats were safe

although slightly emaciated.

Roverpet knows that cats can be the smartest animals of

all, very independent, but loving all the same. She so abhorred

walking on a leash that my efforts at walking her resulted in a

sideways cat sliding on the grass. She always wanted to be with us

in the room and hated to be by herself. If we ever tried to close

the door to keep her out, she would simply jump up, turn the knob,

and let herself in. She could perform this feat even if the door

opened in!

Rover Vinyl Tech knows cats can attach themself to humans, they can follow you around all day, helping with the

laundry, cleaning, etc. When Marianne is sleeping, Sassy is by the

side of her second choice with one ear bent toward the computer

keys. The only bad habit she has is biting. These are love bites

while playing, but they can hurt!


Rover Company

Rover Company

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How to Choose a Pet Veterinarian

Rover Company believes you should ask friends, family, and co-workers, but be sure to ask them why they see this particular pet veterinarian. Pet owners often take their pets to a certain clinic just because they always have and always will, or because the veterinarian is a long-time family friend. This doesn’t make it the best choice for you.
Ask groomers, petsitters, kennels, and other pet service facilities.
Ask breeders
Ask people at a breed club
Ask your local humane society or other animal-welfare groups
Ask private pet rescue organizations

Roverpet believes you should educate yourself on the veterinarian’s background
Board certification
Record with the state’s medical board (Have any complaints have been filed?)
Record with the local humane society
Membership with any professional veterinary associations
If the veterinarian is a specialist (behavioral, surgical, ophthalmology, etc.), check to see how he or she qualifies to be a specialist. Be sure that he or she has experience, education, and certification in their specialty.

Office Hours, Appointments, and Emergencies
What are the regular office hours? Are they compatible with your schedule?
Are appointments required?
Can you request an appointment with a specific veterinarian? Seeing the same veterinarian will allow him or her to become more familiar with your pet and better able to evaluate whether your pet is ill because he or she has seen your pet before.
How many veterinarians are in the practice?
Are there technicians and other professional staff members?
Who covers the practice when the doctor is unavailable?
Is the doctor available to occasionally answer questions over the phone?
Will the veterinarian take calls or answer phone messages if a crisis befalls your pet during the evening or weekend?
How are emergency calls handled during regular office hours?
How are emergency calls handled after office hours?
Does this clinic provide emergency after-hours assistance, or is there a nearby emergency clinic you will be referred to?
If your veterinarian refers patients for emergency care, get the address and phone number of the facility and be sure to drive by the emergency facility so you’ll know where it is.
Is the emergency clinic staffed while your pet is there? Will there be any time period when your pet will be unattended to?
Rover Vinyl Tech believes you should ask about fees, but don’t base your decision solely on the cheapest clinic.
When evaluating fees, be sure to find out what is included, some clinics will include anesthesia, monitoring equipment, and aftercare in the cost of a surgery, while other clinics will have them as separate charges; so you aren’t always comparing the same fees and services.
Is the veterinarian a specialist in an area that you do not require for your pet? Fees may be higher for specialists and it might not make sense to pay more for a specialist that does not apply to the needs of your pet.
Are discounts offered for senior citizens or multi-pet households?
Is payment expected on the day of the visit?
Does the clinic accept your insurance plan?
What methods of payment are accepted? Are credit cards accepted?


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rover company

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Dog Supplies

Rover Company knows acquiring a new canine is nearly as important as adopting a child. They need constant attention and love and buying the proper supplies can be as confusing as deciding what kind of dog to get in the first place.

When you first walk into a pet store you will be bombarded by everything from designer clothes to dog food, and the salesmen are rarely any help. They’re goal is to sell you everything you lay your eyes on. But in reality there are really only a few basic things you need to make your new family member comfortable and you a happy dog owner.

Roverpet believes you should buy a book about your breed. All breeds are very different and have different needs and personality quirks. But at the same time, don’t think of the book as the end all and be all of how your dog is supposed to behave. Like people, dogs each have their own personalities. The book is there simply to give you guidance.

Second, get a good collar. Make sure you can stick at least two fingers between the dog’s skin and the collar. Also make sure you get a collar that allows plenty of room for growth. Some breeds grow very fast and you don’t want to be replacing the collar every two weeks during your puppy’s first year. Also, get a good training collar. These come in many, many sizes and types. The two most popular types are called the choke chain and the German pinch collar. But don’t let the names scare you. These two training collars are the best for teaching your dog to heal and to walk on the end of a leash without jerking your arm out of the socket.

Rover Vinyl Tech knows the choke chain is easy to use and doesn’t “look” cruel. But you have to replace it as the dog gets bigger and depending on the breed, this can get very expensive. The German choke chain “looks” evil but as the dog grows bigger you can simply add additional links. But the biggest thing to remember with both collars is to “never” use the collar as your dog’s everyday collar. Dog owner’s can grow very lazy when using these collars and forget to check them. It’s not uncommon for an owner to forget to check the collar and end up having to cut the collar off because the dog grew so big the collar would no longer fit over its head. Choke chains and German pinch collars are to be used for training purposes only.


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Taking Care of Cats

Rover Company knows cats do not require much supervised exercise and, consequently, they are excellent pets for the elderly and for people with busy lives.

Although cats are friendly and emotional by nature, they are noted for being unfaithful. Many cats have two or more homes and may develop a routine where they spend part of each day with different people. It is common for a cat to breakfast at one houses, lunch at a second and dine at a third; this can lead to obesity on what appears to be a normal diet.

Roverpet knows taking care of your cat means providing it with the lifestyle that suits its needs. Ideally, cats should be allowed to roam freely outdoors. This enables they get adequate exercise, and can satisfy their natural curiosity and develop their hunting instincts all at the same time. In urban areas, if you live in an apartment, it may be safer to house your cat indoors permanently. In this case, you will need to provide plenty of opportunity for play. Cats become bored easily, and a lack of stimulation may encourage the onset of listlessness and ill health.

Rover Vinyl Tech believes in the household the cat will need a place of its own to rest and sleep,its own food and water, and a litter tray for hygiene purposes. If you want the cat to be house-trained, you will also need to make sure it can get in and out of the building easily. This may mean installing a cat flap.


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Pet Allergies

Rover Company knows many pet owners find themselves or other family members allergic to their pets. This is most true with cats:a great number of people just can’t handle being around cats without sneezing, wheezing, or itching. Even though some will advise you to get rid of your pet, this is not usually necessary. In fact, a well known tranquilizer may help combat your pet allergies. The tranquilizer, acepromazine, is used by many veterinarians in their practices. It serves as a mild sedative and works best as an adjunct to anesthesia and to keep pets quiet postoperatively. Unfortunately it is also (incorrectly) used to treat various phobias such as storm phobias. It does NOT relieve anxiety in the pet by actually increases anxiety by making the pet immobile; better treatments exist for various phobias in pets.

Roverpet knows several years ago someone came up with the idea of trying it in a homeopathic form to treat people who have allergies to their pets. The acepromazine is prepared in such a way as to make it extremely dilute. This diluted form is placed on a pet’s food one or more times daily. If it works, the allergic person stops having symptoms when in the pet’s presence. Does it really work? I can say a definite YES after having used it for many years. Does it always work? Unfortunately not. In my experience I would say that most (80%) cases in which I’ve prescribed it have been successfully resolved. In many of these cases the pet, usually a cat, was going to be given away because the owner’s allergies were so bad. Rover Vinyl Tech knows when it works, it literally can save a pet’s life. No one really knows why it works. However, since most allergies to pets occur from allergens in the pet’s saliva (and to some extent the pet’s skin cells and hair cells,) the homeopathic preparation must remove, reduce, or bind the allergens that cause the discomfort in the allergic owners.


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rover company

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Tips For Dogs Overcoming Boredom

Rover Company knows many dog problems often occur as the result of simple boredom. Just how long do you think you could go behaving “correctly” if you were deprived of social, physical and mental stimulation? The length of time would vary from person to person. The same holds true of your dog(s). Dogs are social creatures and rely heavily upon your contact with them. Again, some more-so than others.

Still, as we all know, you cannot maintain 24 hour contact with any animal – unless maybe you were stranded on a island somewhere with only it as your companion.

There are many other responsibilities we all share in other areas- family, career,etc.-which take up a great deal of our time and otherwise cut down on the amount we may spend in our kennels. It is for this reason that it is so important to plan things to keep your animal alert and stimulated mentally to cut down on problems which arise, most notably, from boredom.

Roverpet knows boredom is one thing kennel animals(and house dogs as well) face on a daily basis. Not only is this very bad for the dog, but it is highly preventable as well. Many of the most common problems or anti-social behaviors occur as the result of boredom. Excessive barking, fence running, digging and stool eating are all examples that may initially begin as acting out behaviors to overcome boredom.

Many of these problems could be solved with just a bit of forethought in the planning stages of kennel development. If your kennel or living area is already constructed, then there are many other ways you can provide for your animals mental health by overcoming or avoiding this problem.

First, where exactly does your dog spend most of its time? You can provide toys as a way to relieve the anxieties of kennel/inside life. Not only do toys provide stimulation and fun but they are the easiest place in which to start. Once you have made sure they are size appropriate for your dog you have a vast array of kinds and types from which to choose. If you are creative and good with your hands then you can create many things yourself. Who says “store bought” is always better? Most importantly, make sure that they are too large to swallow.

Providing a different toy each day or week on a rotating basis is one idea to prevent the dog from becoming bored with the object first introduced to relieve actual boredom. Moving the location of water and food dishes are another idea. The introduction of fruits or vegetable slices, such as carrots or apple slices, are another interesting item the dog doesn’t get on a regular basis and also are good and safe supplements if the dog happens to eat them. Large marrow bones, kongs, hard rubber balls(larger than your dog can swallow), and stuffed animals are other choices. Remember, super- vision of these toys is a must, especially in the initial stages.

If the dogs kennel area will allow, hanging toys are a lot of fun for your pet. If suspended by a spring, they will snap back when the dog turns it loose. If you use a rope to suspend a toy make sure it is single strand. NEVER suspend it low enough that an accident may occur. The addition of bells or other types of noise makers are also good choices provided they are attached in such a way that the animal can’t get to them. Remember that you will need to check these additions frequently for signs of wear or needed repair.

Rover Vinyl Tech knows if you allow your dogs out of their normal confinement, and you have an empty available space(large size is not required) in your fenced yard, then there are things you may add there as well to appease your dog. Obstacle courses can be set up in a minimum of space and with little or no monetary output. Being creative does help though it is not a necessity.


Rover Company

Rover Company

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Take Better Kitten Pictures

Rover Company knows it’s about taking better kitten pictures.

Always try to avoid sudden movements

If you wish to take better kitten pictures, then you should learn not to make any sudden movements and always use better quality high speed film, and use a digital camera with no shutter sound.

Roverpet knows to always lower your camera angle to the height of your kitten

Any kitten picture you wish to take, should be at an angle that is equal to the height of your kitten. This is for much better pictures and also some very cute facial expression that your kitten shows once they start staring down the lens.

Always make sure your kitten is well fed

This tip is the most important of all, it is very difficult to take kitten pictures of a hungry kitten, they won’t stand still long enough for you to be able to get one shot. That is why it is so important to make sure that the kitten has just been fed, before you try to take any picture of your kitten. Wait at least 15 minutes after the you just fed your kitten. It is also very wise to study your kitten movements, that way you will be sure when you kitten naps, and what time is best to start taking your kitten picture.

Always have a couple of their favorite treats on hand

Rover Vinyl Tech knows to always have a couple of your kitten favorite treats with you, that way you will give them a treat anytime they start to get rowdy.

Try to keep thing simple

The best kitten pictures I have taken was when they least expected it. I try to keep things simple and never ever try to take too many pictures at a time. The kitten will become frustrated and walks away,and it is very difficult after that to get your kitten to stand still for any more pictures.

Now you that you have discovered a couple of my simple trick for taking better kitten pictures, you can visit my website and post those kitten pictures online, so the world can see the love we have for our cats.


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Buy Pet Meds Online

Rover Company believes you can order from the convenience of your home.
Order at a lower cost than you might get at your veterinary office.
Get automatic refills set up.
Roverpet believes you can save money on medications you order frequently.
Track your order online.
What do I need to tell my vet?
Buying flea and tick meds are pretty much a no brainer and do not require an actual prescription. However, buying things like arthritis medications and pain relievers online do require a prescription. Reputable websites that sell medications will check with your pet’s veterinarian to ensure you have the proper prescription — which is a good thing! You should always consult with your pet’s veterinarian before buying prescription pet medications online. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do to ensure you are taking the best possible care of your animal! Not doing so could put your pet’s health at risk.

Some veterinarians may express fears that your pet’s medication will not be filled correctly if you order online. This is not the case. You should simply explain to your vet that the added convenience and cost savings makes online ordering the best choice for your family. Most vets would have a hard time arguing that cost savings aren’t worth it especially when you are getting the exact same name brand products that they offer at their offices – without the mark up.

Rover Vinyl Tech knows most online pet medication vendors will fill your pets prescription the same day you order it. This means you can have your order shipped overnight if you need to have the medication right away.


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Training Your Dog To Sit

Rover Company knows training of sitting up is one of the first tricks to teach and forms the groundwork for many other dog tricks. To train a dog to sit up, prepare some treats as a reward, and set your dog on his haunches in a corner, so that he cannot fall either backward or sideways and has very little or no space to lose balance.

Keep him from pitching forward by holding one hand under his chin and with the other hand hold the treat above his nose and keep repeating distinctly and deliberately say, “sit up.” Do not make him sit up too long at any one time, but repeat the lesson frequently and reward him often with plentiful of praise and treats.

Roverpet believes during his first lesson he will require considerable assistance from your hand to prevent him from pitching forward, but as he gets control of the balancing muscles and understands what you want, he will depend less and less upon your hand to keep him in position and you can gradually render him less assistance until you will only have to keep one hand in position two or three inches from his neck or chin, so as to be ready to prevent him pitching forward; later on you can withdraw this hand entirely and simply hold the treat just above the level of his head.

By constant practice he will sit up well after you set him up; then he should be set up against the wall, so as to afford him a support for his back only, and after he has been well schooled at this and can keep his position easily, practice him against chair legs, cushions or other objects that afford him less and less assistance, until finally he learns to preserve his balance and sits up without anything to lean against.

Rover Vinyl Tech believes during all these lessons the words “sit up” have been impressed upon his mind by frequent repetition, and now comes the final lesson to teach him to sit up as soon as he hears the words, and the chances are, if he has been diligently drilled, it will be necessary only to call him out in the room, show him a treat, hold it up a suitable distance from the floor, say “sit up” and he will do so, when he should be given the treat while still in position.

The only necessity to perfection is to practice him several times a day until he will sit up at the word and without being shown a reward; that can be given him after he has obeyed.


Rover Company

Rover Company

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Cat Attacks

Rover Company believes if you are tired of having your cat bite your feet there are simple things you can do to prevent this behavior. But before you change their behavior, you should identify why they are exhibiting this behavior. There are many reasons why a cat might be aggressive towards their owners. The main reasons are due to conditioning, genetics, environment, and medical.

The primary reason why cats bite their owner’s feet is to get their attention. In other words they are conditioned to do this. Their reward for biting their owner’s feet is often a reward in the form of food or attention. It takes a while for a cat to become conditioned to this behavior, so it takes time to de-condition them from doing it.

Roverpet knows another reason a cat might be aggressive is due to genetics. A cat’s personality is largely determined by its genetics. Studies have shown that cat’s personalities are often the same as their parents, and little can be done to prevent them from changing. It has been shown that some cats just don’t like to be around people as much no matter how well they are treated.

Environment plays a big role in the behavior of a cat. Cats that live in single cat households are often aggressive towards their owners often times out of boredom. On the other hand cats that are in multi cat households are more stressed out because of the limited resources of litter boxes, food bowls, etc.

Rover Vinyl Tech believes certain medical conditions can also play a role in aggressive behavior. A medical condition called hyperthyroidism can lead to a cat acting hyperactive and aggressive towards its owners. If you suspect your cat has a medical condition you should see a veterinarian.


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