First Aid and CPR for Dogs and Cats

Your dog is a member of the family. Knowing what to do for those four-legged family members in an accident or emergency is an important consideration. For those who are serious about their pet’s care and well-being, the American Red Cross suggests enrolling in one of their upcoming Pet First Aid and CPR For Dogs & Cats classes.
From the Red Cross:
This spring’s weather-related disasters illustrate the importance of being prepared for an emergency. And the American Red Cross can help with esential preparedness training.
The Red Cross teaches prompt, effective first aid care and the skills necessary to respond to emergencies, as well as the know-how to protect animals from further harm, injury or suffering until veterinary care is available. Some of the specific topics covered: treating common ailments, aid for choking, performing CPR, building a pet first aid kit and recognizing emergency situations.

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