Indoor Dog Cage Grate

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Grates for Indoor Dog Cages


Price: $101.99

Rover Company Notched Grates fit in our Rover Company Indoor Dog Cages suspended 2 inches above the floor for easy cleanup.

(4'x4' pen requires 1 #G24N4/notched grate & 1 #G24/grate, 4'x6' pen requires 1 #G24N4/notched grate & 2 #G24/grates, 4'x8' pen requires 1 #G24N4/notched grate & 3 #G24/grates)

Recommended by Professional Breeders and Kennels world wide.

Smooth, wide rails are very paw friendly. Space openings are 5/8" x 5/8"

Lightweight and extremely durable.

Size 2' wide x 4' long. Wash with soap and water.

Made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC

Ideal for groomers, veterinarians and home use.

Assembles quickly without the use of tools.

Available in White.

They are comfortable, attractive and safe for your pets.

Note: These Grates are to be used with enclosures with doors, to allow proper clearence for opening closing of the door.